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About the logo

Vesica Pisces Pool in the Chalice Well Peace gardens in GlastonburyAt the time the decision was made in 2008 to create a new logo which would express that which we wanted to convey, a flow of inspiration came naturally. When I opened my graphic design program, the energy started to flow. The basis of the logo was clear: a vesica pisces. The two overlapping circles where the center is the unmanifested potential, just like the yolk of an egg from which a young chick can grow.


From the very beginning, the vesica pisces symbol has been at the cradle of Celtic Inspiration mainly because it refers to the place where our souls have made a promise to each other. That place was the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. To us it is a symbol of unity, of  love and of enormous potential. I still have some sketches of the earliest Celtic Inspiration logo which was a vesica pisces. Back then, "Centre of Green Spirituality" was the strapline to describe our relationship with Nature and her wisdom of the seasons in the solar year.

And for a number of years we have been very content with this representation of what Celtic Inspiration stands for. But the time arrived when it no longer felt complete. Through the years our consciousness and insights had grown and we experienced many new metaphysical adventures and magical experiences that needed to be integrated into Celtic Inspiration.

After a number of metaphysical messages, we soon knew where to go. The new approach would not only cover the earth plane but also the metaphysical world. And more specifically about how man, as the center between Heaven and Earth can Celtic Inspiration logocombine and integrate these forces so that they can lead to their greatest potential. So we needed a new logo and that's the one we are using today.

The new logo contains:

The centre

People who combine the power of Heaven and Earth to inspire and create.

That is why our logo has the five-pointed star that represents man in the center of heaven and earth, to combine this powerful energy and radiating it into the world around them. This enlightened (wo)man stands in a heart-shaped center created by the penetration of divine energy in the receptive earth energy. The heart also indicates that this (wo)man uses the "Heart Way", he.she follows the way of the heart. Infused with love and passion, this (wo)man walks the Earth as a God or Goddess. This (wo)man lives magical adventures from the heart and creates Beauty.


The One Source - Heaven

Like a bright blue sky with the shining Sun, the upper circle of the vesica pisces shines. This celestial symbol represents both the metaphysical world of inspiration, creativity and intuition as the influence of the power of the sun on the activity of the earth and man. This Sun is also seen as the One Source from which endless creative energie flows, Awen. We use this metaphor so often in our workshop that we were not surprised when our logo intuitively began to develop in this way. Furthermore this blue part is like a drop of water. Water, a vital part of the emergence of all life on earth. The life-giving water from the source.


The Earth - Our Mother

Our mother, the earth we live on, is symbolically expressed by the lower green circle of the logo. She too, has a shining center, for the earth is like humans, creative awareness and expression of the One Source. She is just like us, fed by the Sun and the powers of heavenly creation. She is receptive to the metaphysical blueprints, which she then manifests. To earth is often referred to as the Goddess, and a common symbol for the Goddess is the apple.

Celtic Inspiration logo

Become a center for Love and co-create the future - The logo in-one!

Together with the bright shining (wo)man who has consciously chosen to follow the Heart Way, the holy trinity of Sun / Human / Earth,  Father / Child / Mother, Inspiration / Creation / Manifestation, creates stunning beauty. Heaven on earth? It is already there. And for all who feel the call now: it is time that we take on our role as connector. The role of conscious Co-Creator, inspired from the heart.

But there is so much more that can be found in this powerful logo ... with surprised and happy hearts we keep on finding symbolism in it. May the logo speak to your imagination and may you discover your own truth in it.