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Shamanic Drumming / Drum Healing

Reconnecting to the natural cycles and rhythms

Shamanic Drumming and  Drum Healing helps you to break through old patterning and thus making room for newness to stream into your body, life and thoughts.

The drumbeat of a shamanic drum is a very powerful form of vibrational healing! Everything in creation has its own vibration and its own rhythm. When we become out of tune from our own rhythm or disconnected from the natural cycles, then a discord in mind, emotions, body or life can be experienced. By being immersed in the powerful creative vibriations of the shaman drum beat we reconnect back to the frequency needed to heal personal discord or imbalance.

Feel free to contact us to have an informal chat and find out whether it would be something you would like to hire our services for. We are also available to come to your group for a shamanic drumming or a drum healing session (this applies mainly but not exclusively to West Cornwall).

World Drum 4th Anniversary

Compilation of the 4th anniversary of the World Drum in Thull, the Netherlands-  By Celtic Inspiration & Friends