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Musings on the Michael and Mary Lines - Guided Tour Penwith Cornwall

Ley Lines & Ancient Sites - Guided Tour - Michael & Mary July 5, 2015


Celtic Inspiration and Ba Miller would like tol take you to three special places in the Penwith peninsula of West Cornwall where we will trace and interact with the Michael and Mary earth energy lines. Prepare to be amazed and maybe have an adventurous go at dowsing yourself?

After careful consideration we have hand-picked three magical locations that are on the Mary and Michael ley lines that will surely leave you breathless and inspired:

1. Germoe Church a lovely old church (Mary Line).

"There cannot be many places like Germoe. It has preserved its purity, its simple character, against all the onslaught of the age of the machine. Inside the church, the atmosphere is so special, so primitive and pure, that it is beyond words. It makes this building one of the most uplifting of all Cornwall's superb collection of country churches, and in some way one of its most secret". From:  The Sun and the Serpent

2. St. Michael Mount a.k.a. 'the grey rock in the woods' in ancient times, but now a loved pilgrims place in the sea (crossing of Michael & Mary Lines).

"On a rocky ledge near the summit a group of local fishermen experienced an incandescent vision in which the archangel appeared. Previous ages had also looked upon the Mount as a place of special power. Before it was associated with St. Michael it had been venerated as a sanctuary of other Solar gods, and has possessed a singular importance".  From:  The Sun and the Serpent

3. Boscawen-un stone circle still in use by modern day Druids

"One of the most remarkable stone circles in the West Country, one of the great meeting places of the Druidic bards, which is still known by its proper old Cornish name of Boscawen-un. To approach this circle is to be drawn back to an earlier time. One cannot fail to be aware of the distinctly numinous quality of the place".  From:  The Sun and the Serpent

Experiencing the ley lines
This tour aims to visit all three places by keeping to a strict time schedule. At each location you will have time to have a look around, take part in a guided meditation to get you into a receptive state in preparation for dowsing, and to get a feel of the particular earth energy line. After you have watched or taken part in dowsing in order to map where the line runs, a further deepening of the contact with the Spirit of Place/Line is offered during a shamanic journey. Then, you will witness the impact of human consciousness on the line. At the end of the day you will probably also have got a good sense of the different feel to the Michael line and the Mary line.

A 'Musings on the Michael and Mary lines' tour ticket costs £50.
There's a special discount when taking both tours ('Adventures on the Apollo and Athena' plus 'Musings on the Mary and Michael lines tour):  £80.

Places are limited and therefore tickets are to be booked and paid for in advance. Tickets can be purchased by Paypal/credit card. Or by bank transfer or postal cheque (both UK only). Payment details will be sent to you after registration. Registration via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ticket fee is non-refundable ( unless we have to cancel). It is however allowed to give your ticket to a friend or sell your ticket to another person in case you have to cancel.

Programme Musings on the Michael & Mary lines (Ley Lines & Ancient Sites - Guided Tour - Apollo & Athena)
09:30 - 10:00  Transport from Penzance Train Station/Bus Station to St.Michael's mount
10:00 - 12:00  Exploring the Michael line at St Michaels Mount* (high tide 10:21, low tide 16:38)
12:00 - 13:00  Lunch time*
13:30 - 15:30  Exploring the Mary line at Germoe church
16:00 - 16:30  To Boscawen-un
16:30 - 18:00  Exploring the crossing of Michael & Mary lines at Boscawen-un
18:30 Back at Penzance Train Station/Bus Station

* Other costs
Lunch is at your own expense. You could take a packed lunch or eat at the Godolphin Arms opposite St. Michaels Mount in Marazion.
Access to St Michaels Mount is £8.00 per adult, free to National Trust members. At high tide there will be boat charges - £2.00 adult (one way).

St Michael Mount Cornwall

Please note

Visiting special places in the land, we focus on offering our participants a glimpse of the sacredness and interconnectedness of all things and how ancient mindset can help reveal and inspire healing of the loss of that spiritual vision. In our tours we use the dowsing rods to make visible how Consciousness or Spirit (of the land, a place, an earth energy line etc)  is interacting with us and how it responds to our communication with it. The dowsing is mainly done by the organisers to locate and mark the manifestations of  the above mentioned. However should you want to have a go and see and feel the rods move for yourselves, then with some basic instruction of how to hold the rod and what to focus on, you can try it yourselves.

  • the tour will visit ancient sites, in our respect of them we will leave only footprints and take nothing but photographs;
  • bring appropriate clothing for British weather, and know that walking footwear might get muddy;
  • you are responsible for your own safety and welfare whilst walking, so be prepared for all weather and terrain and walk carefully;
  • tour involves some walking - can be 1km, some of it on uneven surfaces and sloping ground;
  • transportation from Penzance Train/Bus station is included in the price, please be in time as we will leave on schedule;
  • entrance fee to St Michael's Mount is not included in the price;
  • bringing children: they need to be interested and min. age 16;
  • bringing dogs: unfortunately parts of this tour are not suitable/allowed for dogs;
  • tour is not suitable for people with walking disabilities or heart pacemakers;
  • following the coach in a car is not permitted;
  • this is not a 'dowsing for beginners' course, the dowsing part of this tour is meant as a taster and to inspire & awe;
  • if you want to have a go at dowsing during the day, then please bring your own dowsing rod(s) or use one of our spare rods.