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Nathascha's blog - Walking the Beauty Way

Walking the Beauty Way

Eagle Spirit Whispers

A gift from Eagle : wooden Eagle FeatherSpirit Walk surrounded by Eagle magic!

Some of you might know that I was working with Eagle medicine in the past week. Well, I couldn't believe my eyes when we arrived at the spot high up in the local moors where we gathered for the “your body speaks” experiment. To our delight and excitement, we discovered what was awaiting us there.

A giant totem pole carved out from a tree trunk and with one huge wooden eagle sitting on a branch! (who was looking straight at the full moon)

All of us were in awe! After everyone had admired the totem pole and then found a nice place to sit around it on a warm blanket, it was my turn to approach the wooden eagle.

I touched it in deep respect and wondered what its story was. Then I looked down at the earth (why? It was dark and you could barely see anything). My eyes were drawn to a vague black form on the surface - it resembled a feather. I bent down and was surprised to pick up.... a wooden eagle feather.

If that is not magic ..  Having worked with eagle medicine & energy and then finding such a gift on a spot where I have not been for 2 years. I am humbled to see Creation in action.

The first thing Mario and I did was to get our drums out of their traveling bags and sing the Eagle chant taught to us by Jana Runnalls. When we drum and sing, we honour our teacher as well as the energies connected to the song/chant. As soon as we started to honour Eagle with his song, the wind picked up strongly and surrounded us with Eagle’s inspiration. The trees whispered in anticipation.

The full moon was beautiful to see - and feel. Through our eyes, we drank her liquid love. The sky was open and stars looked down on our special ceremony in which we honoured our physical bodies. The eagle and the elementals helped us to gain insight about how we can return balance to the elemental powers in our bodies.

Each of us then built a portable and personal ‘circle of power’,  filled with the insights and energies that are needed to restore their personal balance. By stepping into our personal circles, we breathed those energies into our bodies, hearts and minds. Renewed and rebalanced we walked away from this place.

Later, at the Fairy Tree we rejoiced and handed out wild blackberry liqueur wine and scrumptious rich brownies which were well received by humans and fairies alike. We had a glorious evening. Another special memory to add to our hearts and to the global consciousness.

© Nathascha Heijen