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Walking the Beauty Way

Spirit of the Chalice Well helps her sheep

Spirit of the Chalice WellFrom Nathascha's travel diaries

"On the last day of our stay at the Chalice Well lodge, still engulfed in the dark cloack of the early morning, I dwelled in the Chalice Well gardens and rather than going to my personal favourite spot in the gardens, I asked the Spirit of Place how I may serve.

The path it showed me led up to well head and beyond, to the Cress field. I could see sheep grazing. All, but one.

That particular sheep stood still on all fours, one leg slightly bend. Immediately I sensed something was wrong. It couldn't move!

I wanted to help and find a way in but the cress field was inaccessible, the gate shut and locked! The opening of the Chalice Well still an hour away. What to do? And to make things worse I would have to leave for home in a couple of moments!

Torn with emotions and wanting to help, I remembered I had taken my camera with me, it was in my hand bag. An idea,  yes,  I could take a photograph and Reiki-it on our way back home. At least that was something I COULD do.

But when I reached into my hand bag, my arm suddenly pulled back in a reflex at the touch of something very pointy and sharp pricking my finger! A painful screech escaped from my lips into the silent air.

Instantly, I got the message! That sheep must have stepped into something sharp. I needed to let somebody know!  But who, there was no one there but me. I promised the animal I would get her some help and left determined to find that help!

Walking back through the gardens, I literary stumbled into a Chalice Well volunteer who had come early! (Thank you, thank you, thank you!) I told her the whole story and realised, while talking, that she might have easily mistaken me for a mumbling fruitcake - talking to sheep and all.

But she listened open minded and open hearted and she said to my delight: "The shepherd is coming in this morning and I will tell him to check the sheep's legs". I sighted, relieved! Mission accomplished.

I went back to the Chalice Well Lodge and quickly wrote the story down in my notebook while Mario was loading the suitcases into the car. The window next to me was open. I could hear the lady from the office of the Chalice Well approaching Mario, informing him that the shepherd had come in early (thank you again!) and that he had checked the legs. The sheep was indeed in need of help and the shepherd had immediately taken care of it!

Silently, I cried many tears of gratitude, love and beauty onto my notebook's pages...

© Nathascha Heijen